The "Brimstone Pistoleros" is a S.A.S.S. club formed to promote the use of Black Powder, and its substitutes in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Our club emphasizes the use of original style firearms and dress of 1860's through the 1870's. We will allow the use of SASS legal firearms as were available up to 1900 and the many replicas thereof. As time and logistics permit, the club will provide training classes in loading, cleaning, and shooting black powder firearms and ammunition as well as ideas for competing in the exciting Black Powder categories of Cowboy Action Shooting.
Board of Directors
President/Territorial Governor Mr. Ross Seymour
----aka Rowdy Yates - SASS 141 (Brimstone Pistoleros)
Vice President
               "Thunder Valley"-Match Director
Mr. Brian Newberry
----aka Professor Fuller Bullspit - SASS 57421
Advisor/Frontier Days-Match Director Mr. Fred  Boatright  (R.I.P. May 24, 2011)
----aka  Red Sun - SASS 635 (Loco Lobos)
Advisor Mr. Mark  Mabry
----aka  Ethan Cord - SASS 124
Advisor Mr. Larry White
----aka White Lightnin - SASS 527
Advisor Mr. Richard Clark  (R.I.P. August 7, 2009)
----aka Old Scout - SASS 323 (Brimstone Pistoleros)
For more information or to give suggestions
Mr. Ross Seymour 1-714-532-2922 e-mail "Rowdy Yates" (Brimstone Pistoleros)
Mr. Brian Newberry 1-760-868-4383 e-mail "Prof Fuller Bullspit" (Brimstone Pistoleros)
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