General Rules for the Management of the
Percussion Revolver
Basic considerations appropriate to the loading and handling  of the Percussion revolver. 
The term C&B is used to mean Percussion Revolver in this document. All considerations
set forth in this document apply to Black Powder and all common Black Powder substitutes.
 1. A C&B with the chambers charged with powder and ball, is NOT considered a
loaded firearm. The C&B is considered a loaded firearm when the percussion caps
are placed on the nipples.
 2. The C&B may be charged with powder and ball at the shooters gun-cart, or at the
unloading table, unless otherwise directed by the Match Director, or the Range Rules.
 3. It is the shooter's responsibility NOT to sweep another person with their gun while
charging the cylinders.
 4. It is the shooters responsibility NOT to smoke, NOT to allow any one else to smoke
nearby, and to be aware of any other spark producing devices while charging the
 5. Capping is to be done ONLY at the loading table/area, or on the firing line.
 6. At NO TIME may the shooter use the capping device, any body part, or the hammer
to apply pressure to the percussion caps. Seating the caps may be accomplished
ONLY by means of a “push stick” or similar instrument to apply pressure to the
percussion cap.
 7. During the capping operations, proper muzzle control must be maintained. With the
installation of the percussion caps, the C&B becomes a “Loaded Firearm”.
 8. To engage a 6th round reload stage, the shooter may charge all six chambers at the
proper charging area. ONLY 5 nipples may be capped at the LOADING TABLE.
The hammer will be resting on the un-capped nipple. When the C&B is drawn to
engage the stage scenario, the 6th nipple must BE CAPPED BEFORE  firing the first
  shot. This rule shall also apply to firearms with more or less than 6 chambers, the
hammer must rest on an un-capped nipple.
 9. It is, as always, the shooter’s responsibility to understand the correct operation of
their firearm.  If the shooter is new to the use of the C&B revolver, an experienced
shooter will be happy to mentor, just ask!
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